Volunteering with your staff team is an excellent way to:

We offer different opportunities to accommodate both large and small groups. 

Listed below are the corporate volunteering opportunities that we are currently offering:

Newcomer Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program

Bring your skills to our Newcomer Youth Leadership and Mentorship Program by providing a workshop (e.g. a resume clinic, legal, financial, health or art-based project). This program is located virtually or physically in the Jane and Finch area and works with youth ages 13-24.

The Newcomer Youth Program can accommodate 6 to 8 volunteers at a time. These opportunities typically take place in the afternoon and evening (between 3:30-7 pm).

To volunteer with the Newcomer Youth Program, we ask for a cost recovery contribution of $1,500-$2,000 depending on the activity’s scope.

Your team will receive: 

  • Recognition in our Annual Report and social media channels
  • Support from OLDF staff
  • The opportunity to share your skills with newcomer youth

Legal Clinic
You can run a legal clinic for our clients.

Financial Education Class
We will provide the platform for you to run a financial literacy class for our clients/members. You can provide educational tips, hints and hands-on informational workshops to help students and adults increase their financial knowledge and skills.


Job Opportunities
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