About Us

Our Mission

To transform our communities through integrated educational and community-response empowerment initiatives for children, youth, new immigrants, women, and their families.

Our Vision

To become a leader at connecting new and young generation Canadians to information, education, counselling and mentorship.

Our Values

Our Focus Areas

Aggressive Growth

Top place to work


To increase the size of our participants each year so we can empower more children, youth, women and new immigrants in need.

Our Objective

  • To develop and provide educational, employment training and literacy programs to youth and new immigrants
  • To provide counselling services about unemployment and education to youth and new immigrants
  • To assist with job search, resume preparation, employment training, language instruction and translation services.
  • To establish and maintain employment training centre for the benefit of youth and others
  • To offer course, seminars, conferences and meetings on general topics including employment, education, abuse, lifestyle and old age


To break the cycle of literacy poverty by empowering people of all ages to dream, aspire and achieve through our literacy initiatives.

To provide integrated educational and community-responsive initiatives that enable youths and new immigrants to have an equal opportunity both as a contributor and benefactor.

To increase youths and new immigrants’ participation in an open and inclusive Canadian society regardless of age, colour, economic or academic backgrounds.