Food Security

As part of our community outreach, we are on the road to combat food insecurity among new immigrants, seniors, and our community’s families.

OLDF Seniors Center provides programs for adults 55 years of age and over and persons with disabilities to promote independence and participation. During the pandemic, we realized that many senior citizens of black descent lived alone or with their families rather than in retirement homes like their other counterparts. Unlike their other counterparts, they are too shy (cultural) to go to the food bank or reach out for assistance. Some even mentioned that food banks do not provide some of the ethnic foods they eat to keep them happy and remembering home.

Also, we realized that the closure of religious organizations means many families could not access food assistance ordinarily available to them through friends and family support. Hence, we embarked on the journey to reduce food insecurity one box at a time.

We start by sourcing ethnic food from wholesalers and distributors. This is then repacked in boxes by our volunteers for delivery to the hands of people that need them.

Here are some of the feedback we received:

“Dear Region of Peel, Thank you so much for the food boxes. They were amazing. They were ethnic! That was the best part. I have received the best food bank-like food items since I arrived in Canada. I’m so happy and grateful. This meant so much to my family. Thank you, thank you thank you”

Another eludes:

“I really appreciate the food box is a great support for me and my family thank you. I hope the program continues.”

Even with the number of food boxes we delivered, we haven’t scratched the surface. Much work and funding are still needed in this area, and we are constantly soliciting avenues to increase this portfolio. If you would like to support or join our list to be notified once we have food available, kindly contact us at