NFP Board Governance

Typically, board members who are not engaged, don’t know their responsibilities and don’t understand what the organization is
trying to accomplish will distract the organization; they hold the organization back from moving forward on its goals, strategies and

Whether you work in the non-profit sector, serve on a non-profit board or are thinking about one-day volunteering on a board, this course is designed to help you understand how boards work.

Our comprehensive program will:

  • Train board members to judge what measures are necessary to fulfil their fiduciary responsibility and educates board members
    on how to make decisions that support the mission and vision of your organization.
  • Prepares them to stay out of the operational weeds
  • Strengthens the ability to collaborate and work as a team
  • Teaches the elements of effective and productive board meetings
  • Focus on the application of best governance practices. Our course curriculum includes:
  • Part One: NPF Governance Fundamentals (NPF sector, organization, strategic planning)
  • Part Two: Introduction to Boards, Board Duties, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Part Three: Board Building & Structures, The Board/Staff Partnership
  • Part Four: Board’s Role in Fund Development, Effective Board Practices
  • Part Five: NPF Human Resources, Collaboration
  • Part Six: Financial Reporting –  Budgeting and Cashflow
  • Part Six: Program Evaluation